• Was going through eBay looking at 2T oil and see that rock and putoline have a strawberry scented 2T oil. Am I the only one that finds this funny? 😂 never heard of it before. Anyone used it? 😂

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    I was given a bottle of the strawberry stuff with my beta 250.

    It smelt so good in the bottle. Most of the time out of the exhaust though, it just smelt like normal 2 stroke smoke. However occasionally, when there wasnt full combustion, you could actually smell the strawberrys ever so slightly out of the exhaust.

    Wouldn't pay extra for it, but I would pick it over others just for the funny side of things 😁

  • You can get butterschot too

  • Had a full tank of this when I bought my SYM Jet when I was 16, smelt like strawberries when I pulled the lid off the tank but as said; like normal 2 stroke when it was burned. Seems like abit of a shoddy marketing strategy to me!