• Hi all,

    I'm going to look at 1998 dt 125 thats been imported from France. It is completely stock and has very low mileage but no logbook etc to support that. What should I be looking out for?

    The stuff I already know to check is suspension quality and spoke tension. I was also going to check every screw/nut/bolt etc to try and figure out how much it has been taken apart.

    I already have a dt 125 but it was my first bike and I made a lot of mistakes and have wasted a lot of money. I'm doing my best not to make the same mistake twice! Thanks in advance

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    Mileage really doesn't mean much on these bikes. I've seen some with 15k+ miles in mint condition, and others with under that in a very sorry state. Might also be worth giving Yamaha a phone call and enquire about the frame number just to confirm it's not stolen.. Just in case.

  • @wonkbreath I would follow all of the checks in this thread, if the bike passes all of those then you are good-to-go. Obviously minor faults are easy to fix, but anything you can find will help you to haggle for a better price!!! 😉


  • hi mate i got mine as a french inport and was in good condition and all seems fine you will have to get it insured on vin number only before you can regester it but make sure it got a nova registrastion number as you will need this too mine has started to rattle on the top end so think it going to need new piston and rings at some stage but thats the joys with these bikes