Swing arm bearing kit

  • Hi does anyone know where i can get a complete swingarm bearing kit...not the pivot arm.
    DT125R 1997...
    Any help much appreciated....

  • hello,

    I would recommend ordering them directly at a bearing supplier, all bearings (and seals) have universal markings on them, it will also be cheaper this way and you can choose the brand you want ( i recommend skf and koyo)

    or you could just buy original yamaha parts but those are way to expensive for what they are. they are the same as quality brands.

    hope it helps :simple_smile:

  • Agreed. If you buy from Yamaha it's about 140 quid last I checked.

    You can get the dimensions from the existing bearings. I ordered mine from simplybearings at about the 40 pound mark. Needless to say chuffed with the savings. Think it was koyo as well.

  • Thanks for replies, appreciated...bit the bullet and got yamaha ones....and yes about £140.00 !!
    And forgot to bloody measure them for next time before my mate pressed them in....
    You need deep pockets when anything has yamaha on the packet....

  • @RYUU67 I could have linked you to them and saved 100 😞

  • @Calum thank you for making me feel great 😄

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