'95 DT 125 R ticking/rattle sound

  • Hi..
    Just about done with my DT 125 R, and one of the minor details (at least I hope it is, lol) is starting to bug me out - the engine have been completely rebuild with rebored barrel to new wössner piston, crank rebuilt, all bearings in engine and gearbox, waterpump and clutch kit.

    Check out my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F31U322ZwD4&feature=youtu.be

    This ticking/rattle noise have been there since the rebuild. Off course I investigated right after the first test ride, removed the top end and everything looked fine, so I refitted it and have now done about 500 km since rebuild, and the bike is running strong, no issues at all.

    Can any of you recognize the sound? If yes, should I be worried?

  • thats the noise that has just started on mine i thought it was in need of a top end rebuild so will be following this as would be good to find out what is causing it and hope sombody can answer your question as must be driving you mad after all that work

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    Swear my TDR is always making that sound! 😂 although I know for my bike, it could do with a new small end bearing but can't see how it would be that for you if you've just had it rebuilt 😕

  • It's quite annoying, yes. I'm starting to wonder if it could be pistol slap - though it doesn't make sense on a freshly rebuilt top end. I've been watching videos on YouTube, and some DT's seem to have the exactly same noise - hmm.

  • @MDN91 have you got to the bottom of the ticking noise as would be good to know whats causing it

  • @britshgigolo Nope, nothing - I will probably investigate it further after christmas, i'm pretty busy atm - if I find a solution, I will of course share it here - in the meantime, if someone have a suggestion to a possible cause/solution, please let me know!