Quasar Products Eazy Rizer Bike lift + my 2 latest arrivals!

  • So long story short I've got myself an XT600. Always wanted an adventure style larger bike and one came up. Then i bought another as a donor bike.

    But the point of this post is to show off my new lift.

    I was looking for a table but was hesitant as i like to move stuff around a lot and wasn't sure about taking up so much space in the garage on a permanent basis. Then on ebay i stumbled across this and bought it.

    It's an EazyRizer made in England by Quasar Procucts Ltd.

    This one lifts up to 350kg and there are loads of different mounts available.

    It's a really simple bit of kit but very useful. Well worth a youtube search for 'Eazy rizer'.


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  • How stable is that Andy??

    Looks pretty nifty that 😄
    Does it fold away nicely once finished with,.

  • Very stable, it has hooks with butterfly nuts on that you hook over the frame underneath and tighten up to hold it down. check out their video's on youtube. They pull the bike around on the stand. Also a guy on a forum I found when i was researching, said he crashed his truck into his harley whilst it was fully up and it just moved the whole thing and didn't topple.

    In terms of storage it doesn't fold away at all. The lift part drops right to the bottom and it obviously keeps the same floor space. It weighs about 25kg but I can lift it and carry it around if needed.

  • That mount on the side thats at a funny angle just left and below the footpeg is a clamp for the side stand. You can use get mountings that sit under each wheel and lift it by those and then the side stand is clamped down to keep it stable.

    I prefer lifting from the frame under the engine at the moment as it means i can take the wheels out and work on all areas.

    But I've now got the footpeg lifting mounts, which use plates below the peg and a U clamp from above and then supported by a small mount under the front of the frame.

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    Looks nice but not sure I could bring myself to spend just shy of £400 on one!