• hi guys. can you help me with year of production of my bike. the VIN is 3DD-001829 thanks!

  • @dtr-mkd Yes, I'm pretty sure that would make your bike a 1988' (3DD1').

    First year of production and a very rare find, the electronics are a bit different to all subsequent DT models, but there is info on them.

    Good luck!

  • @Darty Would that make it a mk3 LC though?

    The Mk3 LC had front and rear disc, along with a revised swingarm?

    I'm pretty sure the Mk3 the is very very similar to the DTR but is still classed as a LC.

    But that's just a guess with no evidence.

  • @Calum They are not really that similar tbf, the VIN does indicate an 88' though. LCs were all done by 87'.

    MK3 LC's don't share much with the R. Last year of production changes for an LC is 1986, and the numbers are quite different. Was quite a redesign back then.