Indicators don't work unless brake is applied.(resolved)

  • My indiciators don't work unless I apply brakes(so just light comes on). They sometimes work when bike is standing still but when starting to move they don't, also the indicitor light doesn't flash on "dashboard".

  • @HOBO4LIFE It's most likely a blown/faulty bulb, a bad or coroded connection, faulty relay, faulty battery or a bare wire. Check the battery first, then check all the bulbs, then start from the front lights and indicator wires and check back to the relay. Then do the same from the rear indicators and work your way forwards. If you find no faults then it's probably a faulty relay?

  • All bulbs are working. If I had faulty battery wouldnt that affect whole bike? Is relay under fuel tank?

  • The way the flasher relay works is off by load.

    The fact your dash bulb doesn't work AND the relays are not flashing problem, tells me that the dash would be the first place to start looking.

    If you look at the wiring diagram it will become obvious as to why this is.

    Trace the wires around the loom and you will see them enter the dash.

    The fact it works when brakes are applied could be due to the increased load on the bikes electrical system, matching that of the load usually encurred by the dash bulb. Thus the indicators flashing.

  • They do flash, but not when it's moving, but when I turn hazard lights on they work even when moving.

  • @HOBO4LIFE DTX I take it.

    Again when the hazards are on you are exerting a completely different load on the electrical system than when you just select A indicator. All four lights at once rather than two. Which again reinforces my point about load.

    So if it's not thw bulb on the dash, although that sounds like that's bkown. Then the flasher unit has gone. An impedance check will determine if its the flasher unit.

  • @Calum Yes it is dtx. The bulb is working, maybe the bulb socket is damage or wiring somewhere(checked everything behind headlight it was fine). Where is the flasher unit?

  • It can be found under the off side tank shroud.

  • I found the problem. 3 wires (1 brown, 2 brown and white) going to relay had been cut off by previous owner, and he/she had put brown and brown/white wires together. I don't think there is wire that hasn't been sliced :(.

  • Well that's not something we were ever likely to guess lol.