Choice of pistons

  • Hi I'll be sending my barrel off for a rebore and there giving me a choice of pistons but I'm unsure of witch 1 to get the choices are Prox, Mitaka, Wiseco And Wossner

  • Mitaka are Fine if you just want to run standard power. The other ones offer forged aluminium. You get what you pay fot. But ultimately nothing lasts forever.

  • I've been doing so research on them and the Woosner piston seams to be the 1 to go for

  • @Ricky I heard Wossner have been using China to make their products.

    Weisco and proz would be good ones. FYI I run Wossner but will be switching from now on.

  • Now I'm confused lol everywhere I've looked say Wossner and stay clear of mitaka

  • @Ricky Yo.

    Wiesco make excellent pistons for the MX market 2strokes. Mitaka is good too, maybe not highly regarded for racing pistons, but a very good replacement to run in a DT125,

    it's not a highly stressed engine by design so I wouldn't worry about a Forged piston unless you really want to.

    You have to remember that a forged piston takes longer to expand in a heat cycle, so in theory you can begin to wear the bore somewhat if you don't always get the engine to a higher temperature.

    A minimal consideration?

  • @Darty cheers mate I just want 1 that's going to last haha and best performance

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