• Hi guys when I took my carb off to clean it as I was stripping it down in noticed the mixture screw was all the way in witch i know isn't right i don't seam to have any air leaks the only mods are exhaust witch I up jetted from a 210 to 240 I've earthed the green and black wire to the radiator mount

  • @Ricky Best thing to do is to earth that green and black wire to the negative terminal of the battery, just to double ensure it is properly earthed with as little resistance through the paint as possible.

    Carb settings is going to be unique for every vehicle, once you start modifying then you take away from what your settings should be.

    You should adjust accordingly.

  • Stock setting on the airscrew is around 1,25 - 1,50 turns out, from lightly seated.

  • @Calum that's how it was when I got the bike but he never up jetted the main jet for the exhaust there was a 210 in it witch is the standard 1 so I put a 240 in to compensate for the exhaust

  • I've got a dt re 04 it starts mainly on choke it like new every thing is like new but it's just stoped tickin over what should I do