• Hi guys,

    I've finally got another DT after my last baby got stolen. Still sad, but time to move on.

    I picked this up for 650 last weekend

    Doesn't look much like a DT hey? It has an SR125 tank and headlight, I have no idea where the seat came from. No plastics at all.
    It's all very tatty and seems to have some issues which I'll hopefully be getting your help on soon!

    Anyway, what do you think of the bike? 650 was probably a little much considering it dies when you try to give it too much power... I'm thinking overfueling as it's also leaking petrol out the carb seemingly 27/4, but I really wanted a faster 125. I can't ride my big bikes until I'm 24 (UK licensising is such a pain) and the CBF 125 I bought for an interrim run around just didn't make me smile.

    It's got the athena 170 kit on it, seller said the fuel pump was "plugged" as a result. Hopefully I'll be able to fit another as I'd like to get the back into a nice neat state... we'll see what he means by plugged when I take the pump cover off I guess.

    first job is fixing the cutting out though, I'll put a post up in the technical section about this... probably tomorrow. Would appreciate your expertise then if you have some time.

  • @Uber_Beluga I was going to say a little too much, but it's got the Athena kit you say? That's good then 🙂

  • Why would someone put an ugly Sr tank and headlight on this bike lol this looks like a good base for a project though and an added bonus it's got the big bore kit on it! Fingers crossed you get it running properly again... First thing I'd be doing is getting rid of that tank and headlight for sure 😛

  • @Uber_Beluga The mind boggles as to what posesses people to commit such crimes. The DT is a classic and to mistreat her like that is sacrilidge!!!

  • @Uber_Beluga 24? I'm guessing you're riding on a CBT then. Since if you have an A2 once you reach 21 you can go for a full A license. At least to my knowledge and the motoschool I went to. Then again the laws change constantly.

  • @Minia You can get A2 from 19.

  • @HOBO4LIFE I know, but I'm saying that if you get an A2 license when you're 19 you are allowed to get the full A license once you're 21 and you don't have to wait till you are 24.