Classic Motor Hidng a Secret

  • I went to my mates lockup last night to sort some stuff out.

    Failed to mention this absolute beauty hiding there...



    He said the roof has been chopped down to give it this serious gangster look.

    Needless to say, this is something special.

  • @Calum A turbo'd cossie engine in that old school classic shell will be insane. Most peeps will think it's an ole banger, then pick up their jaws in amazement when it leaves them standing. Sweet build and a true beast for-sure!!! 👍

  • @CYBER-NINJA Yes quite so.

    Quite clearly this has been stood still for a good few years.

    The tuning company who owns it has a lock up full of cars.

    There was an ULTRA rare Subaru Impreza Type R Limited Coupe RA which has only seen 30K km.

    An evo 4 and two other subarus. One of which is unrecognisable.

    But this unit everything is dormant stuff hasn't been touched for years 😞

  • Looks lovely. But what is it? Haha I'm too young. Reminds me of a Volvo.

  • It's an old school morris oxford I think