• Hey guys,

    I'm still toying with what swingarms the TDR deserves,
    I vaguely remember reading up somewhere that our @calums brother was running a yz with dtx wheels.
    I was under the impression that the dtx wheels where a no go as the rear doesn't fit?
    Leaving me with questions regarding options?

    I also will be running wrx/dtx wheels so they must fit!! (spacers and inserts can be knocked up)

    so what Im after is a swingarm that is A, lightweight and B, Requires minor work to fit..

    P.s im not wanting to break the bank on this mod.

    Suggestions bellow please guys

    Appreciation in advance


  • If it's a job worth doing, it's worth doing right.

    Yeah his 2004 YZ used DTX wheels. However to get the job done right, he ditched the hubs, had the DTX rims, Excel, laced with Stainless steel spokes onto his Talon hubs.

    The result is some awesome looking wheels. About £600 in total, so not cheap.

    I LOVE absolutely LOVE my SM. BUT is there really any difference between SM setup, and just some decent road tyres. Probably not the way I ride. It's more about that STANCE for me lol.

  • @tdr125greg http://www.nkracing.co.uk/images/TDR Linkage.jpg

    This TDR250 Billet link is my next build, this will give the DT the correct knuckle to run Kawasaki KX shocks, cheap and very good Showa units.

    New swingarm, means either a custom linkage or use of a longer shock-absorber to maximise geometry and it is a very good upgrade to get an adjustable damper, I assure you.

    But key swingarms to look at:

    YZ125/250 88'-89'

    These would all run the DT/WR hub size you have got.

    I think some early 90s KX swingarms could work, but have yet to measure it up.

    Again, you will need spacers, spindles, chain adjusters, longer chain, rear calipers, chain guides...

    Potentially, you can make anything fit tho 💪

  • It's 80% about the stance!!!
    And 20% passion lol

    The TDR is a bike that I really plan to keep until my dying days. Sure I plan on having a big bike when I've got my full licence but I wouldn't want to modify that.
    I see the TDR as a summer toy and am happy to throw money at it as there is no real rush on a completed project.

    So taking what you said in mind I will explore my options further for a yz rear hub some new spokes and use my excel rim on a yz swinger, running the front wrx wheel as is with correct spacers/speedo drive eliminator.

    Both hubs could be powder coated to look identical I guess.

    I won't just dive into it but that is definitely worth considering. Cheers Dude

  • @darty that's awesome mate thankyou very much. I've read the 1987 yz250 rear shock fits the Dt directly but I'm a Lil dubious on tech from such a long time ago.

    I like the yamasaki idea though indeed!!

  • @tdr125greg https://dt125r.co.uk/topic/164/alternative-rear-shock-options-dt125r/9

    It's an old design, if your a racer, you should look to get it rebuilt and adjust renew the rebound action of it.

    Very expensive, but I like it, suits the DT, not sure about fitting in a TDR tho