Swingarm pivot bolt stuck

  • Any good tricks how to remove the swingarm pivot. My dtx is unarmed granade and the previous owners words that the bike was regulary serviced was lies. Need to rebuild top and bottom end and can not remove the stuck long bolt holding engine in back as well as swingarm. Tried to heat it and after hour or so made it to spin but not axial move at all...

  • Yeah you will want to spin it, chances are it's spinning on the roller bearings.

    You will want to be careful with hammering it out as to not damage the threads.

    If you have the flywheel puller for the DTX you could try and fashion it to push the bolt out.

    Lube is a friend here also.

  • Wd40 everywhere , I will replace it anyway for new one . Just its nightmare. Hammering it and it wont move not even a 0.1mm . Nothing. 😣

  • Yeah it's going to need some innovating to sort that out by the sounds of things.

    As I say, some sort of press would do the trick.

  • Well , forgot to update it in here , I won the fight with the bolt. Stripped the bike anyway. All the problems because swingarm bearings colapsed . After desperate 6 hr fight , Im took enginr out with swingarm on it and cut the pin with angle grinder. It was pile of rust mixed with wd40 looked like curry. Big advice to you guys , keep an eye on the swingarm pivot bolt and lube it regulary and inspect the swingarm bearings as well 😊 you dont want to experience the removal 😀

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