• Hi everyone!

    Just found the site so thought I'd say hello and am looking forward to going through it scouring your knowledge heehee.

    Recently got myself a '97 dtr as a bit of fun and to get started in enduros without spending a fortune.

    First one out the way and although I came off (a lot!) I'm hooked! There's just so much more to it than just blatting around forest trails, it's awesome.

    Unfortunately while practicing for my 2nd one (blatting round said trails:-() I think I've buggered the engine, so my poor bike is now looking sorry for itself in pieces and can't go out to play!

    First ever 2 stroke bike so forgive any silly questions please. I'm an old dog but want to learn new tricks! 😛


  • Hello Matt!

    We've only recently moved to this site after the old site stopped being updated. Whilst this means you get to enjoy all the benefits of the new site, it does mean that we don't have as much information as we used to.

    Thankfully there is not a lot I don't know about these engines.

    Any questions do not hesitate to throw up a thread. I do offer an engine rebuild service which you can find details about in the sale section.

    However a lot of the fun from these bikes sre experimenting and finding stuff out for yourself. We are here to help if you need it.

  • Cheers Calum, once I get a proper look at the bike I should hopefully know a bit more.

    A rebuild service would have been awesome as I never seem to have any time, but I'm in SW France and can't see postage being cheap! :-?

  • Don't worry.

    A rebuild on these engines are incredibly simple. And you have some of the most knowledgeable people about these bikes around.

    We'll help you 🙂

  • And as a young 69 year old I can confirm that the advice these lads have on here is top shop I got my first DT just over two years ago and fond the info helped me no end and not sure if I would have carried on with it if I hadn't had them there to help out , enjoy