• Evening all,

    So how does the coolant bottle work?

    Is it just an overflow?

    I see that on the radiator the inlet/outlet is only open when the spring is pushed up by pressure?

  • Boyles Law

    As temperature goes up, so does pressure.

    As the pressure actuates the spring, expanding coolant needs somewhere to go, hence the overflow.

    As the coolant contracts, a vacuum is created, drawing the coolant back out of the overflow bottle.

    That's about it.

    You could simply not have the expansion bottle and run less coolant in the system, but then you are at risk to having air in the system, as well as not enough coolant.

    This is why the expansion bottle must be topped up between the two marks. So that air doesn't get drawn into the system.

    You could use waterless coolant that requires more heat to expand, this reduces pressure on the overall cooling system.

  • callum i need to speak to you i are the dt man imy sons dt has not got the coolant bottle on his but thats good to know that how it works

  • I'll be heading down the waterless route soon i think. Bought 5 litres for my other bike and I'll have enough left over for the DT.

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  • Awesome thanks @Calum