• Okay, my router decided to bomb out on me earlier. I literally don't know what I done but it's back up now.

    Just a heads up guys, super flaky router potentially could keal over at any minute. If the forum becomes unavailable again then this will probably be why.

    Hopefully this was just a glitch but I will flag it up and keep an eye on it.

    I may need to buy a new router, which with everything else I bought this month, might have to wait 😞

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    I know it's been mentioned a couple of times before now, but if it could benefit the running of the site, I (along with a couple more people I'm sure) would be happy to donate a few quid to help out @Calum 👍

  • That shouldn't be necessary, but I will be adding new stuff to the site where people will be able to support the forum in other ways. As said in a post the other week, the forums hardware is going to be upgraded, new computers and infrastructure, as well as some new additions to the site.

    Still early days yet, but definitely keep your eyes peeled!

  • @Calum Dam! I just sold a good D-link router a few weeks back, I would have happily sent it to ya if I had known. I for one would be happy to chip in for a new one if the need arises???

  • @CYBER-NINJA Yeah well it's definitely shagged. The WiFi has packed up. Honestly todays routers are nothing on yester years.

    I got a decade old linksys router that I flashed OpenWRT firmware on a few years back that is still going strong

    I need to replace the router, but it should be covered under warranty as it's not that old. But if it goes down, this wikl be why. Rather when it goes down lol.

  • My main job is a network engineer for a broadband firm.

    We use mikrotik for our routing and netgear for our switches.

    Cisco If we really have to but it's not worth the mark up.