• Hi, since i think one of my issue is a blown gasket, and that i will need to do it at some point anyway i figure ill ask.

    Engine run fine cold, then when warm i had a fast idle (air leak). I replace the crank seal on the magneto side.

    Start the engine. still does it, at that point i tought it ight be the powervalve, since they didnt work for a long time, figure oring or seal might be going bad.

    I didnt change anything, fully put the bike together for safety (all plastic, seat, wiring, reflector etc...)

    Filled up the radiator, since seem really low... since now start... it does sound like it wants to but no go.

    now i'm thinking that i might just have a blown head gasket, since that could explain the air leak and the missing coulant. Gonna investigate more before i do anything.

    Now, how hard is it to change Piston/Ring/Gasket et PV oring on a DT200? and where to get the part from?

  • Just called the local dealer.

    Piston/Ring/Pin 157CAD
    Gasket Kit 98$ CAD

    which isnt too bad.

  • Most parts can be found on eBay, even genuine items at a good price

  • Check your thermostat mate