• Hi I was wondering if anyone has any info on this strange looking cdi.
    0_1493906923805_20170504_113503.jpg 0_1493906934353_20170504_113513.jpg 0_1493906940113_20170504_113529.jpg 0_1493906945206_20170504_113541.jpg !

  • Looks like it's been opened up at some point

  • Yh it has as its unscrewable and I've had a look inside and someone has repaired it in the past,I don't know of any cdis that u can just open like this one
    It's not been cut and then screwed together as the case is actually made that way
    On the board it says 4dl witch is a belgarda I believe
    Just not sure why u can open it unless it's like a factory racing one or something so they could make adjustments/change parts etc or if it's special in some way 😂

  • Doesn't particularly look very factory.

    Even aftermarket CDI's are sealed units.

  • Yh weird isn't it,its got the red sleeve like the 4dl should have and 4dl is printed on the circuit board so the insides are deffo 4dl 😆
    Maybe the case is a repair case for when u cut the old one off but where would u even get something like that ?haha