• should my oil pump increase the stroke when the throttle plate is lowered? it seems to not really change:

  • comparing to these which look to work fine:


    anyone got a good oil pump for sale?!

  • The oil pump runs off the gearbox. The higher the rpms the more it pumps.

    The height of the pump is determined by the pitch of the throttle. I don't think you gave it enough time to actually depress.

    If you think its broken then my advice would be to ditch it and run premix. They are liability anyway.

  • Yes that's what I thought, but the stroke should still increase at any speed if the pulley is depressed? I'm sure I gave it enough time as it went up/down a few times?
    I took the pump off the engine, and a load of oil ran out of the pump where worm gear shaft goes into the pump body. Is that normal? There is a gasket there, but is that worm gear cavity supposed to be full of 2T lube?