• I am having a hard time setting up the power valve.

    The cleaning cycle starts goes down to the bottom but does not return back up...
    I can pin it open but then its low on power or run it with the power valve turned round however, the power valve has been rebuilt, i will turn down and when you move the power valve to the front it moves to the left. so i dont know what to do next.

    Thanks Guys

  • It's a doddle. Power on and off. The cleaning cycle should rest with the markings matching up woth the hole.
    If it's going the wrong way then swap the cables over.

  • Its strange but cables going 1 - 2 , 2 -1 .
    The best set up is slack the both cables on tensioners/adjusters , put a drill bit or something with similar diameter into the hole so the valve lines up with its case. Adjust the tensioners so its just right-tight and then 1-2 turns back , remove the drill bit or pin and turn ignition on/off few times so the holes lining up and nice free sound going from the servo and adjust a bit if necessary
    😊 done this yesterday with new cables too

  • I have done the alignment with a screw driver holding the power valve, the cables are not under stress.

    It starts the cleaning cycle by going all the way down to the right, but it does not return, back to the top.

    when it is running it does not move either.

    I am aware that the cables may be too tight, otherwise they are too slack.

  • Could be a faulty CDI.

    If you disconnect the cables completely does it at least go forwards and backwards.

    Also the cleaning cycle is different after it has run that it is when you actually ride the back power on and off.

    By that I mean when you turn the ignition on and off multiple times.

    The servo will go from closed to open to closed to open. But once it's open it will only go from open to closed to open.