• So I'm looking at a kx 250 guy says it's blowing a lot of smoke out now no idea the colour that's all I know so if the crank seals have gone I's it an engine strip or what?

  • The guy sounds like a RIGHT TOOL!

    If it's blue smoke then it's two stroke oil.

    That's fine, you'd expect that on a crosser.

    If it's black smoke then it's gearbox oil.

    If the guy has no visual impairment, and can't distinguish between blue and black THEN DON'T BUY FROM HIM!

  • @Calum it's just a thought he wants too much for it anyway just checking to see what you think

  • @Calum he wants 850 for it running and riding but smokes a lot that's all I know but you can get them "mint" for a grand so I'd say this is worth 500?

  • I don't really know the market for KX 250's.

  • @Calum well saying this looks pretty good except the excessive smoke but them you have perfect ones with better exhausts and few bling bits for 1,100 then this should be worth 500 that's reasonable right?

  • As said, two strokes smoke. So just saying it smokes isn't an indication of how good the deal is.

    If it's blue smoke, then at worst the piston rings are worn out.

    If it's black smoke then it needs new crank seals.

    Neither are really a problem for a two stroke engine to be honest.