• When setting up the Servo/Pulleys on my DT, i understand it is necessary to ensure that the powevalve is flush with the exhaust port.
    I have taken off the exhaust have ensured that this is the case, take the slack off the cables, and turn the ignition on so it can do its cleaning cycle.

    When i do this the servo makes the noise it would if it was trying to move but it gets stuck.

    When it does the Cleaning cycle, the powervalve turns clockwise and and pins shut, is this normal behaviour, as when i hit 7,000 where the PV should kick in and throw the front wheel up there is just a small pull, nothing compared to what im used to.

    Is there something that i am doing wrong?

  • Well I wouldn't say throw the front wheel up, it's not a crosser.

    There should be no power drop off however.

  • Overtightened pv adjusters maybe , is your cleaning cycle nice and turns free?

  • @Zrako when I rebuilt my bike my servo would get stuck when turning on the ignition how ever I kept turning the key and it sorted its self out no problem