• Help needed my dtr125 was valving fine when I first got it and now it just doesn't valve I tried a wheelie and it just has no power it's struggling when it hits 7000rpm and splutters I can just get 60 I'm not to sure what it could be I tried a wheelie the other day just got it up and then it dropped and next thing I knew my bike was valving at around 5-6000rpm and was absolutely flying lifting through first second and third put it in for on it the next day and it hasn't worked since could it be my valve?

  • Hi there Tommy.

    By Valving fine I presume you mean the powervalve, since there are no valves in a two stroke engine.

    What years your DT?

    How is the condition of the battery?

    Does the valve do the cleaning cycle upon turning the ignition on and off.

    What condition is the engine in? Miles travelled etc.

    Have you tried pinning the powervalve to see if that rectifies the revving issue?