DT125R 98 rev problem

  • Hi friends,
    Ihave problem with my dt125r 98,it has 3rm-10 cdi ,the problem is that i can get 10k rpm just for short time,about 4 seconds, then i hold full throtle.after 4 second it decrease until 6k rpm and get over 6 k.
    i cleaned carb.cleaned air filter,tryed a lot of new spark plug,changed ignition coil,main jet is 240, pilot 25...exhaust is cleaned
    soon i upload a video..
    where can be problem?

  • '' I have problem with my dt125r 98,it has 3rm-10 cdi ,the problem is that i can get 10k rpm just for short time,about 4 seconds, then i hold full throtle.after 4 second it decrease until 6k rpm and CAN'T get over 6 k. ''

  • Sounds like a powervalve issue would be my first point of call.

    Does the servo operate when the ignition is switched on and off.

    How long has this problem occurred for.

    3RM, is that the model with the 3 wire powervalve with separate control unit for the servo.

    I would also check to see that the cdi isn't faulty.

    What condition is the battery in and the charging unit. Funny stuff can happen when the battery dies. If the battery is not maintaining charge then you will need to examine charging unit.

    A worn tired engine will also cause problems if everything else seems fine.

    Firstly check that the powervalve is operating as it should? Then you will want to check the cdi.

    How does the power feel. Could be as simple as worn clutch whereby it slips and as such revs out. Then gains traction and falls back to 6k.

    To be honest there are many factors that this couls fall under. But ultimately it's a mechanical operation and resolving it is just a matter of time.

    Try the above and let us know how you get on.

  • I'm opened power valve fully and set in that possition,battery is fully working,voltage good to,

  • How to examine charging unit?

  • Either cdi or clutch then.

  • To test the charging unit you will want to do an impedance test through the coils and make sure you're getting the same ohms as stated in the manual

  • Hey again,i saw that my speedo has no light anymore, and i checked conection which is showed in picture (speedo cable) [url=http://postimage.org/][img]http://s13.postimg.org/t8kuhr4lj/hhhhgfy.png[/img][/url]
    after all i found one germany website there is write something about derestricting,but the problem is engine is 4bl type cdi and electricion is 3rm10 for probably de03 engine ant engine has power valve with 5 vires servo,it's hybride system ,does it is posible to derestrict cutting black/white cable from speedo?

  • @LAIMONASLTDT I believe you're talking about the reed switch which goes into the back of the clocks on the older models.

    It sounds unfortunate that you've got a bit of a hybrid which makes understanding your problem slightly tricky.

    Regardless of the engine, the CDI is what we're interested in.

    The older models, I believe, had a separate ECU for controlling the Powervalve, although that isn't what you have here.

    You effectively have the CDI taking readings and determining when to restrict the engine upon certain parameters.

    One of those parameters are, presumably, speed/RPM. So you want to falsify those readings. It won't be the wire controlling the back light. You need to isolate the correct wire that will go from the Clocks to the CDI. I wiring diagram from a Haynes manual will indicate which one is doing that for you.

  • @Calum hi Callum I was just wondering if you would be able to help me I'm currently building a dt125r from the ground up just boxes of bits and I'm trying to find a cdi that will work with my loom which is a 1998 any help will be much appreciated thanks

  • @thegagetmasta19 I got a feeling you're looking for a 3RM CDI. But really I'm not the best person to ask.

  • @Calum ok Callum thanks I'm new here so do you know anyone I could ask thanks

  • @thegagetmasta19 It's not really about asking specific people bud. Open a thread in the relevant section, if someone is kind enough to help you then they will. Forums aren't about targeting specific people, it's a community of people who want to help each other.

  • Could be the reed stops are too far apart and reeds can't keep up,

  • Has it always had this problem for you or just started happening?

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