DT125R vs DT125RE Piston

  • Hey guys,

    The piston has just blown on my DT125RE 2005. I'm looking around for a new piston kit (.25mm Oversize) but everywhere seems to have them on back order.

    Would a piston kit for a DTR be okay for this? I know that these are the same bore size, I'm just unsure of the other differences (height ect) and was hoping that somebody could shed some light on this for me?

    Here's a pic of the piston for giggles. The bike has done 28000 miles, 4000 since I have had it, doesn't seem to have been rebored. Could this be the original piston or is that a bit far fetched



  • DTR DTRE 3MB Cylinder are all the same. DTR 3BN however won't fit. Check first.

  • looks nasty hope you find one soon

  • That piston is a bloody work of art! Wow.

    DTR/RE/X/Derbi GPR/KTM LC2/SachsZZ125 - Can all run the same 3MB piston.

    DTR-DTRE, are the same barrel and stroke.

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