• How much of an impact does the oiling of a filter have on a 2 stroke I've never oiled a filter in my life?

  • Depends if you're going through dust or not.

    Some dirt tracks, like ashdown mx track, in the summer is like a dust storm. That's going to go through the filter if it's unoiled.

    But for general road driving, I'd expect very little.

    The other one is when they lay down new tarmac, they destroy the road first then grit it, that kicks up loads of dust which is unlikely to be caught by the filter.

    For reliability sake, I'd oil the filter up.

    If your engine is modified, relability goes out the window anyway.

    Depends if you want the maximum life out of your engine, or if you don't mind doing a rebuild every once in a while.

  • @calum I understand that but I was thinking more along the lines of will an un oiled filter be leaner

  • @declan Two strokes are tempermental with fueling.

    But on a stock DTR, nah it's not going to impact fueling

  • I don't bother either been told to do it if I go off road tho dou to if dropped in water or dusty dry weather

  • Cant see why you wouldt want to get better filtration...

    Airfilter oil is pretty cheap, and the filter is made to flow this way.
    Youd' be surprised how much crap it catches when you clean it.