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  • Hi, im spamo I bought my second dt late last year! owned my first 5 years ago i(2006 RE 11000 miles fully restricted lovley bike). With the first DT i did no maitainence all i did was derestrict, full dep bigger jets in carb(had a friend do it all for me) never bled the brakes never ran basic maitainence never changed chain or sprockets just rode it round flat out like a **** until i crashed into a car (i should have bled the brakes) and now i have load of metal plates and a limp.

    The secund bike i bought is an absolute lemon most bolts rounded and snapped hand painted plastics and fuel tank (i could see the brush strokes) after removing tank and plastics for some tlc and a resprray i found the frame was bent like a banana leading wheels to be over 4 inches out of alignment and the wheels were an MOT fail themselves. bright sides of the bike are runs very sweet pulls hard very low milage for the age 2004. So...frame straitened, plastics sprayed and decald up custom exhaust carb sonically cleaned and rejetted and a knn air filter modified to fit and new wheels brakes rebuilt... The bike runs lovley besides a faint whine when i open the throttle sometimes....YAY.... i have a 170cc athena top end ready to go on I was going to fit this and have a full bottome end rebuild at the same time to avoid any possible niggles/explosions/seizures.... Im looking for advice on anything that i should change with the 170 top bottom rebuild. I know i will probably have to rejet the carb, would it be better just to get a bigger carb, should i change/ adjust the reeed? Can i just turn up my existing oil pump for the 170 or should i premix. Is there anything you think ive overlooked? I LOVE my dt infact i love all dts and i want to be part of a community of other people who recognise these amazing machines for what the are and what they're capable of! Sorry for the essay i just wanted to get everything out there. All advice is greatly appreciated and if i need to repost in a different forum section just let me know. All the best spamo

  • Hello Welcome to the forum!

    Sounds like you've had a bit of a handful, hopefully this new machine doesn't meet a similar fate of the last one. As you say, maintenance is the key!

    The Athena kit should be nice, yes it will require rejetting I'm afraid, don't be tempted to ride it without sorting the fueling out. I never rated them personally, but some have gone to great lengths to correct the athena barrels port timings.

    Personally, anything over standard derestricted will want premix. But it's possible to run it on the oil pump, just I wouldn't trust it.

  • Yo, sounds like a nice tight DT now.

    With regards to Reed modification, if you run the 170 kit and you plan to ride it quite hard more often than not, then some Boyesen Reeds may be beneficial. The standard Reeds might start to flutter at very high RPM runs. But for dicking about and legal riding 😛 Standard intake setup is actually ideal.

    Again, running Pre-Mix for an everyday motor is not ideal. And low RPM is lost abit if you want to have a safe high RPM ratio, I find. I always go a little rich. The standard Oil pump is up to it even for the 170 or the 200. But if your a racer, I would defiantly go Pre-Mix, take it all off, plug it off, and never go back.

    Love to see some pics

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