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    Annoyingly genuine clutches always seem to be out of stock. Actually not much meat left on the original one (it's done well to be fair). PJME recommend genuine as the best, but if they can't get them in stock...then needs must.

    Ferodo is a good brand though and I'm not expecting RS 125 power here and it will never be dailied in my ownership so should be fine...

    Ordered one of these for my RS125 years back (Billet Clutch Pressure Plate). I bought this a long time ago too and it's just been sat gathering dust. Not sure if it actually makes any difference, but it's a nice little item.

    Either way it's got to shave off some precious weight from a reciprocating mass, alongside the titanium bolts. Although the stiffer clutch springs probably add some weight back win some you lose some.

    Hhmm, I honestly don't know what a previous owner done to this bike, but they just covered everything THICK with paint. After much scrubbing and cleaning I...abandoned that idea and bought new/used parts instead.

    Brand new TYGA sprocket cover and generator cover. I bought a used generator cover off of eBay for an RS125. sprayed it black and affixed the carbon fibre generator cover on. The original engine is black, and I want to keep the bike close to its original colour scheme/trim where possible, but it'll never be original.

    Can't find what I done with the kickshaft seal or gear linkage seal, so will need to get those on order.

    The oil sight glass had melted, so I'll need a new one of those and will grab some new oil fill and clutch adjustment cover as well as a oil drain bung.

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    @Rxvert2k-0 Hello =)

    Yes lots more updates. I've taken photos, but I am awaiting a good point at which to update this thread.

    I've bought:

    A bunch of Aprilia RX125 parts (better spec than ETX) Aluminium Swinging Arm Gas Shock Absorber Rear Brake Pedal New Bearings Linkage Rerefreshed Dual Radiator Setup Arrow Expansion Chamber (A lot lighter than stock) Polini 160 Big Bore Kit Italkit Pneumatic Powervalve Dellorto VHST Flatslide Carb Lightweight Clutch Pressure Plate I just dropped the frame off for powdercoating last week. Engines out for an overhaul All new bearings and bushes New Old Stock Genuine Fairings New Old Stock Genuine Graphics Kit

    I wanted to update this thread when I had it in a viewable position.

    There is lots to update on, but I want to get it in a more showable position before I blog about it.

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