DTR 2003 Replacement Carb?

  • Hey guys, I just signed up here and any help given would be greatly appreciated.

    To cut a long story short, my carb is leaking...

    I took it to the garage 2 times but it's like the mechanic can't be bothered to actually take the carb off, so he just ran some carb cleaner through it.

    It's still leaking.

    I got a friend to pull off the carb and remove the bottom and adjust the floats and clean what he can, but it's still leaking.

    I'm not very mechanically minded so I'm hesitant to pull the carb off and work on it myself, so i was thinking of just buying a new carb and getting my friend to put it on.

    From what I can gather from the manual, The carb on a 2003 DTR is a Mikuni VM26SS (3MB00)
    Can anyone confirm this?

    Also, there are some very cheap Chinese carbs for sale on eBay that look similar to mine,
    Would it be a bad idea to buy one of them ?


  • Cheap Chinese carbs definitely a bad idea.

    Where is the fuel leaking from exactly?

  • It's leaking from the overflow pipe, and some little drips are coming through the seal.

  • It's not a 26mm carb it's 28mm carb.

    The amount of work required to replace the carb you could just fix yourself and save the money.

    It's not going to be a lot.

    If it's the overflow then it's just the float valve is either stuck, or the float bowl height needs adjusting.

    Happy to go into greater detail if necessary.

  • I'm really tempted to have a go at it myself, but I don't want to lose any of the springs and screws or reassemble it incorrectly.

    When I got my friend to take off the carb, the float was moving freely but he did adjust the float height slightly, but I don't think he set it bang on to 20-21mm like the manual suggests.

    Do you think a 3mm difference could still cause the overflowing ?

  • @dtr2003 That's all it can take I'm afraid.

    The float shuts the fuel off from the tank, if it's not set correctly then it's going to just fill the bowl up.

    There really isn't much too the carb so don't worry about trying it yourself.

    Any questions just ask.

  • @calum Ok, thanks for answering my questions I appreciate it, I may give it a go tomorrow.

  • I bought a kit and refurbed carb, not difficult if you take your time, doesn't take long

  • Get a new float and floatneedle, should be part of just about any rebuildkit you can find.

  • When I bought my bike carb was leaking from overflow pipe all the time, when tank valve was open. I opened the carb and the reason was that, the float valve was upside down! I turn it to right way and overflow stop immediately!!! Check that!

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