• Hi all back again after having my tdr125 4gw momentarily stolen by some chavvies. Unfortunately the bike has now found its way to the scrap yard as the guys had cut the frame to remove the chains securing it to my anchor. . I managed to rescue everything else like forks and wheels and went ahead and bought myself a non running DTR125.

    I havnt really had the chance to create a thread on the build but I will do soon. For now you can find some pictures of my dtr in the builders section :).




  • I'm not going to "like" this, as it's very sad.

    Sorry to hear about this bud.

    Unfortunately, these bikes are very desirable.

    I hope you manage to keep this one.

  • You cant get a 4GW TDR125 on a G reg, first 4GW TDR with Deltabox frame was 93.

  • @scrimsmustang mine was never on a g reg ? My 4gw was 1993 mate everything checked out ! Had the delta box frame too0_1504803391749_DSC_0004.JPG 0_1504803429022_DSC_0022_1.JPG

  • Same colour as the one I had many years back.

    Sad story about the theft though dude 😞

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