Dismantling forks for powdercoating - help needed

  • Anyone got any tips on removing the lower legs on some sm forks? Haynes manual isn't much help and Google ain't any help either. Need to get my bits off to the powdercoating and this is holding me up.

  • Which bit are you struggling with?

  • @slinky I’ve never done it but forks are forks so look up a good tutorial it doesent have to be to specific

  • Think you need to undo the allen bolt at the bottom without the part inside spinning round. You may be lucky and get it undone if you leave the fork leg in one piece and apply pressure to compress it whilst simultaneously turning the bolt. If this doesn't work you have to either use the factory tool (rare & expensive) or trim down the end of a broom handle to fit inside the end of the damper rod and lock it in place whilst you undo the bolt. If you have an impact gun to hand this also might shock it loose.

    These are either really easy or a total pig in my experience 🙂

  • @nottsbiker total pig when i did it 😂 the steel bolts had cold welded themselves into the aluminium fork leg. Had to drill them out in the end

  • @nottsbiker that's exactly what I'm struggling with - I've tried an old wooden curtain pole trimmed down but I can't shift it - absolute pain in the balls

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