F403 MJM 88 3DB1 DT125R

  • @scrimsmustang Back in 1990 practicing for Redcar beach race trail bike class that was part of the beach race national series back in the day.

    Enduro trail bike class race bike 89 DTR also in taken in 1990 in my bedroom when I was still living at my mams, wow it makes you feel old reminiscing lol

    alt text

    alt text

  • @scrimsmustang love that rear fender and makes me sad that you have a pretty much new ktm sitting under a sheet

  • @scrimsmustang I'm intrigued how you got that bike in your bedroom? Was it upstairs or downstairs???

  • 1990 feels like yesterday, my kids were 3 and 2, I was young! Just moved in to my first proper house around then, no bike sadly

  • @oldman the year my dt was born and I’m also intrigued how you get a bike upstairs I struggle to get mine in the shed

  • If I could do that now I wouldn't have to sit in the garage, would have to empty the wardrobes for my tools and the drawers for spare parts, and the yellow pages for a divorce lawyer . Its like a competition prize, keep the bike in the bedroom and get a 1 bed flat.

  • @oldman Pop a stove in there and you could literally eat, sleep and work on bikes 24/7!!! 😉

  • @ninja nah bud astronaut food you can’t waste time prepping food, but I suppose the oven would give you extra drawers for your spanners lol

  • Down stairs in 2 bedroom bungalow that was taken in lol. I would love to know what happened to that bike it was quick for a DTR the rear mudguard was an Acerbis for a YZ back in the day. Had uprated fork springs YZ rear shock, Stan Stephens top end no powervalve servo, standard derestricted exhaust, dep tailpipe, one tooth less on front sprocket. Was an almost brand new less than a year old standard White/Red DTR a few weeks before that picture.

  • Well almost another year has past and i have finally got this thing on its wheels, been waiting for the really hard to find stuff like a mint un butchered 88 wiring loom like rocking horse poo they are as the 88 DTR uses a separate full power YPVS controller from a TZR, its the only DTR model that does. Genuine Yamaha cable ties mint original black hub wheels with mint original spokes.The hardest of all the bits to find believe it or not the lower fork gaiter clamps that are also 88 model only, Yamaha done away with them 89 onward. Well should be ready for an mot by the end of the week hopefully. Will stick some pics up then as now its just a rolling chassis covered in grubby oily fingerprints.

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