Bleeding hydraulic clutch?

  • I brought one for the dt but decided to fit it on my pitbike but after one ride it started to not pull the clutch Arm as far as it needed to so gear changes were solid had to turn it off to get neutral and it would try pull away with the clutch pulled in so I guess it needs bleeding any advice?

  • bought

    Bleeding is going to be the same way as you would do for brakes bud.

    Could be the viscosity of the fluid you're using is incorrect.

  • @calum sorry bought and it came ready bled it has no bleed nipple that I know of

  • @declan If it's a cheap Chinese one, I have a strong suspicion that it may not be rebleedable.

  • @calum your probs right I’ve filled the slave cylinder with more fluid seems like that worked but it don’t fit the dt anyways so it don’t matter the seller is giving me half my money back so I will put that to use one the dt maybe some expensive/ better quality 2 stroke oil my tanks nearly half full so I’d like to try some good stuff

  • If its one of the chinese universal kits, ive been there and used it for a few rides, then had to ride home 6 or 7 miles with no clutch due to the slave seal going mid ride and pissing fluid everywhere. It was okay for the first few rides but not much lighter than a well oiled cable, the spring for the "unbreakable" levers snapped and the casting was absolutely awful. Invest that £15 in a cable oiler and some good cable lube.

  • @glynn123 £15 lol.

    Okay, yeah now I'm seeing the bigger picture.

    So the one I wanted was more around the £230 mark.

    I don't find the DT clutch a problem at all.

  • @calum I paid around 27 and it was beautiful to use and I really enjoyed it but oh well it is as is

  • @declan I've only used them on the KTM, and they are absolutely lovely, but not good enough to go out my way and get unfortunately.

  • The Magura hydra clutches seem to be the dogs bollocks, not cheap but well worth the expense if you want quality and reliability. I believe that they are now standard issue albeit re-branded on newer KTM's???

  • I was thinking about making and selling my own quality hydro clutch units at a cheap(ish) price a while ago but never found the time. I previously rode trials for a good few years and got myself used to extremely light hydraulic clutches with mini 1 finger levers, obviously when I bought the DT it was abit different haha. I thought about buying a used big piston AJP trials clutch master cylinder and a magura slave cylinder/cable puller and seeing how it would go on the bike, this would be ALOT cheaper than a full magura system if it worked well, id say max £100-120.

  • @glynn123 You should do it and report back bud. If you can get a successful universal kit together at a reasonable cost, then I'm sure you would have a few buyers on here? Plus there's lots of other forums and groups who would most likely be interested too ???

    You could make a few £££ for your next major bike upgrade ??? 😉 😉

  • Will have a shot of it over this winter, got big plans for the old DT in the next few months so will report back

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