Clutch troubles......

  • As you will all know I’ve been doing up (or putting right l would say) a DT125.
    Clearly the gearbox has a oil leak as the person who had it before me had changed the cover but not the gasket, l think.
    Well l started the bike today and as going to take it for a little run, but as l engaged First gear, the bike stalled.
    Now the clutch lever still operates like before it just doesn’t disengage.
    Could this be that the gearbox oil is low?
    I’m going to sort the gasket out, should l change the clutch while I’m at it?
    Any advice would be kindly accepted! 😃👍

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    Clutches on these are pretty bullet proof.

    It is more than likely just a case of needing to be set up properly. But an EBC clutch kit is like £40 so it's worth replacing.

    But if it isn't broke don't fix it. And when it's such an easy job on these bikes why would you.

    I would just set the adjustment on the clutch properly and see how ytou get on.

    It'll either be under maximum adjustment, and not working/slipping, or you'll adjust it and it'll be fine.

    Usually the clutch cover gasket can be renewed, or a Kellogs Cornflake box can be utilised. But it wouldn't hurt to replace it.

    There could be other underlying issues.

  • I had exactly the same problem on my old DT, its because i decided to fill it up with magnatec oil which is used to hold to components so they are covered in oil before starting, however this is useless in a wet clutch bike, even with new oil they still stuck, so i removed them all, cleaned them in paraffin along with the pressure plates and spring, and then dried and coated them in new oil. i think i even changed the clutch springs because they were slightly under tolerance and only £10 or something.

    this worked perfectly and i only ever ran the bike on halfords special oil from then on as thats what it was happiest on.

  • Yeah don't use Magnetic that stuff is no good for the cluch.

    Wouldn't recomend cleaning it with parafin either. Just use Castrol GTX engine oil semi-synthetic is good enough

  • I’m part way through my investigation, drained the gearbox oil and it looks like grey emulsion paint.
    So off l went on to the inter web and like seems like l have coolant in my oil.
    So l have ordered the gasket form behind the impela, hopefully this will sort out this particular problem.
    Then I’ll move onto the next bodge.... 😳😪

  • @spanners It won't be the water pump gasket.

    It'll be the water pump seal that needs replacing bud.

    Should have asked here, I would have said that straight away.

  • @calum - I have had it all apart and have ordered a new kit for the impeller and seal.
    Whilst I’m in the clutch area l have ordered a new clutch and spring set.
    Fingers crossed this will solve this problem!
    Thanks again for your help...... to the next bodge! 😳👍

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