• All......I’m confused, l have just sourced a great find after having all the trouble with my electrics a 3BN wiring loom.
    Unused and unmolested a great find....... unfortunately my existing CDI has different connectors to the loom and l have found one or two on eBay but they too have the same connectors as my old 3NC CDI.
    Haynes manual shows same connectors as loom though?
    Should l A) take existing CDI and redo connectors to suit loom?
    B) take this opportunity and just get a Zeeltronic to suit loom?

  • I think you should not cut the loom about, shame to ruin a good loom. Get the right one to suit your cdi, or get the correct did to match loom, but that's me. There is a guy on fb group that does good looms, I can find his name if you want, but sell me your loom😁

  • @spanners It all depends on what your future plans are for the bike? If you plan to keep it and tune it for best performance, then the Zeeltronic is the way to go. If you plan to sell the bike in the near future then an original CDI will be the best bet. Personally I would try to unmolest the loom as much as possible and retain the original connectors. As that will give you less headaches in the long run. 😉

  • Why not make adaptor/converter loom, between the cdi and the main loom, so you can connect everything up without molesting either part.