Tyres ..

  • Anyone any idea of a good road goin tyre for a dtr ? Thinking bridgestone's bt45 ?

  • Pirelli scorpion mt90

  • I remember running Avons on my dtr. They were pretty good. Still kicked the back end out in the wet mind yoh.

  • @Louis-James Is that the tyre your using at the min ? They look good , what they like in the wet ?

  • I ran 'Heidenau K60s' on mine for over 2 years, thoroughly tested in all conditions. They are quite a hard compound, so they are lets say, a good all rounder, I got 6,000 miles out the rear K60. They are good balance of grip and wear for the money.

    I rate these tyres in standing water and cold rainy hard surfaces, I ran 20psi, if you went to around 14psi, they were excellent in the wet.

    Thoroughly tested around the Cotswolds, the roads are properly shit, everywhere.

    Used to rag it in the wet, they did well. But they are pretty much road tyres, they are crap on dirt, gravel. Depends what riding your going to do.

    I don't recommend these full Hybrid tyres, Enduro-road combos, they have an aggressive tread for road use, so they don't grip in the wet or racing on the street. And they are mediocre on dirt at best. They are also softer, so wear out up to 4,000 miles use.

  • Lol, no mate. These are Maxxis 160. They are Aprilia rs125 wheels so are wider than dt rims.

  • Ah. I'm so out of touch with SM.
    haha, Well, Heidenau there you are.

    Anyone tried 'Continental ContiAttack's before?

  • @seandtr yes they are and not bad really, I wouldn't try getting your knee down haha

  • @Louis-James you feeling alright? Gotta try and get your knee down at every chance you get!

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