Can you stamp aluminium

  • I’ve used stamps on steel but can you stamp aluminium I noticed a while back that my dt has no vin numbers on the engine but I have the hpi documents and mot papers and stuff so I know the number can I just re stamp it back on or is it fine to leave it off or does it really need to be there I’m probably stupid for saying that because it seems obvious to me that it needs to be there the frame numbers are perfect

  • If you stamp engine would be misleading, guess engine has been changed at some point, if someone has gone to the trouble to remove vin no suggests it is a stolen engine, sorry

  • Why would the engine numbers be missing?

    These bikes are old, engine swaps are not uncommon. But missing engine numbers, alarm bells are ringing.

    There is nothing to say that the bike wasn't stolen recovered at some point.

    Personally, I wouldn't worry about it. I probably wouldn't bother stamping engine numbers as now there might be two bikes with the same engine number.

  • @calum so what do I do it had mot when I bought it it won’t pass it without the vin would it and if I sell it no one will want to pay anything for it 😔

  • @calum I don’t see it being currently stolen as the previous owner gave me all the papers he had I have the green slip his name his address everything so if it was dodgy surely to god he’s not that stupid

  • @declan Get an engine that doesn't have the stamps ground off. Swap the engine, contact DVLA and notify them of an engine swap, await your documents.

    At the end of the day, the cases are stamped via machine and they are usually dead on. You won't achieve this by hand, so anyone who looks at the engine numbers will see that it's been fudged and would be put off anyway.

    We never said the bike was stolen, merely the engine. Engine may have came from a stolen bike. And sold.

    These "breakers" people go on about. yeah chances are they're buying written off/Stolen bikes, grinding off unique identifiers and selling for a quick buck.

    Why else would you grind off your unique identifiers.
    What purpose would it serve.

    I would trust an MOT as far as I could throw em. They don't mean anything.

  • @calum yeah okay I’m not fussed right now as I’m using it as and off-road bike but I wouldn’t want to screw anyone over by selling it with missing numbers that’s just not nice

  • @declan I wouldn't worry about it bud.

    If it does bug you.

    Grab a pair (note it must be a matching pair)

    Of cases with the numbers and just transfer your internals to it.

  • @calum I’ve already been looking but depressed now I was hopping that there would be some sort of explanation I saw the vin plate but I’m used to the vin being underneath the gear shifter so I thought nothing of it

  • @calum you say matching pair? Like both cases?

  • @declan What?

    I don/t know what that means. Con plate?

    The numbers are stamped into the top of the left hand case.

    Literally wouldn't give a rats @$$ mate. It's an old bike, shit happens.

    It's not going to fetch a mint, but it's not in mint condition. So it was never going to fetch a mint anyway

  • @calum what ya tryna say 😂😂 sorry guess I miss spelled vin plate I saw it was empty but didn’t at the time know it was actually the vin plate

  • @declan There is no VIN Plate?? It's not like a car or other vehicles. It's just stamped directly into the metal right. See the eBay add.

    When you get the cases painted, often you lose sight of the VIN.

  • I would not worry either, you have learnt a lesson though to always check frame and engine no, first thing I do, historic now anyway. Just enjoy it as is and if the opportunity arises at a later date change cases/engine to suit. Probably hundreds like yours around, dt's are a scumbag magnet that appeal to people trying to make a quick buck. As Calum says any attempt to replicate vin no on engine is doomed to failure and makes you complicit in concealing identity and will stand out a mile.
    If it's a good sound engine don't fret, you didn't steal it or know provenance at time of purchase, put it down to experience.

  • @calum sorry I was saying that as term so you knew what I was on about

  • Missing engine numbers won't affect your MOT either, it's only the frame number they check.

  • @finnerz89 how sure are you my dude

  • Well most bikes you can't even see the engine number that easily, and the MOT testers guide on the DVLA website doesn't even mention it so I'm pretty sure

  • @finnerz89 I guess you can’t see them on superbikes can you so you may be right

  • @declan definitely right 😉

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