Merry Christmas 2017

  • @calum Hybrid masterrace. Both a console peasant and a dedicated PC gamer. I certainly prefer PC, but some games that I want to play aren't available on PC and I can't be arsed to port them over. I've told myself exactly what you've said many times, "no point having a console for playing 1 game". But I'm now on my third ps3 after saying that so... it hasn't worked haha.

    And don't call me a console peasant, I'll have you know I'm on a ryzen 7 and 390x πŸ˜‰ hehehe

  • Their is not aim assist on any of the snipers in black ops 3 or WWII

  • Their is on all the other guns but not snipers

  • @vtrn_raptor Ahem

    Moot point anyway since it's an absolute tripe game. I literally laughed at how small and sickening the maps are. I literally felt sick running in circles shooting at the same 7 other people. That game is laughable.

  • I tend to play war bigger maps but gunna buy the season pass and could have swore they removed it recently

  • @calum I got it for Christmas and it’s shockingly small and I keep getting killed by sub machine guns through a fookin tank I mean com on

  • I was and maybe will return to one-day pc gaming and I agree pc is superior it's physically impossible for consoles to compete and that consoles have destroyed the scene and the games
    I remember struggling with levels for like half a day + yes its frustrating but when you finish the feeling of accomplishment is better than completing every ps4 game made
    games get easier so more people play and unfortunately pc games are following even counter-strike is getting noob friendly I see consoles like I see apple there both noob user-friendly, stylish and very restrictive so lock their consumers to them and make then brand bash but I will say pc creatures need to make all features from consoles available like split screen and stuff so its more friend friendly
    and yes games are so cheaper and mods are awesome
    I just felt the need to say all this


    PC gaming is another level compared to what the PS4/Xbox deliver. I would play on a console if it had the same PC specific features like FOV changer and graphics settings etc. But as I'm a total noob with a controller, I'd have to get a XIM 4 so I could play with my keyboard & mouse. Which would totally destroy the poor aiming filthy console peasants for-sure. LOL (Oh man I so love the whole PC Vs console conflict).

    But fair play to those who prefer one platform over another, but for me I'd only ever game on a PC. I recently switched my 4K @ 60Hz monitor for an Acer Predator Z35P = 1440p @ 120Hz gaming in widescreen. All games are buttery smooth with G-SYNC enabled and still look stunning too. Plus the added FOV from the widescreen monitor makes gaming awesome fun. Until any console can match that and deliver stunning graphics @ QHD or beyond it's the PC MASTER RACE all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!

  • @ninja I got the Asus PG348Q 34" 100Hz Ultra Wide. And Oh my, games look sensational on it.

    I played console games for many a years, without a problem.

    But honestly, after playing on PC, I literally cannot see console screens anymore. Like the fact that TV's are simply no where near as good as a medium ranged monitor, the fact that they tend to cap the FPS extremely low, and the FOV is awful.

    I play a lot of battlefield, and I was round my friends house who was playing it on his Xbone, and literally I couldn't even see the screen.

    Once you've been spoiled, it's difficult to go back.

    But I still maintain I've had more fun on my consoles from what back when. But I am such a casual gamer it's a joke lol.

    I've added you now anyway mate πŸ˜ƒ

  • @calum Yep I couldn't agree more. I accepted your friend request so it's all good. πŸ‘πŸΌ

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