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  • Hey guys,

    With my a bit of spending money left over from the Christmas break, I plan on getting some bling parts for my bike, purely for cosmetic purposes.

    I have a DT125RE 2005 and currently got a YZ125 Gear lever on it at the moment, has anybody else experimented with this type of work?
    For instance, do footpegs from other Yamahas or YZ/F bikes fit? Are the brake/clutch levers compatible? Ect, ect..

    I've been looking at Apico type parts for YZ125s and just curious as all.

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    The 125's are no good bud.

    I got a Apico Honda CR 85 Lever fitted lovely.

    I also got Apico footrests, which again are stunning. They require modifying but yeah lush items.

  • Are the footpegs a generic set or for a specific model? Looking for a blue set where I'm guessing you went for red (CR levers)

  • @pjt95 foot pegs are generic I have a set of pegs off my 50cc moped fit brilliant Iā€™m buying a yz new style rear mudguard soon levers will fit so long as you buy the perch to go with them gear shifters are pretty universal

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    @pjt95 I went for black foot pegs as they're only going to get muddy under use. And the lever was black with a little red end. But that mostly gets worn away.

  • @Calum Will take a look around of the next few days, thanks for the info lads! šŸ˜ƒ


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