let's talk exhaust options

  • what options are out there stuff like arrow I'm not interested I think their poo has to be stainless the RomeuHenriques seem to have a good reputation think this is what I will get but I'm not sure yet please if you make a suggestion could you post a pic and characteristics of the pipe I understand this being a big ask so i don't mind either way

  • Have fitted Romeu pipe to 89 bike and must say impressed, got DEP pipe with crated 88 bike awaiting rebuild and finish poor. Took to platers that do my other stuff and they said it was ****, having it replated. Rust coming through on weld near cylinder mount and its never been fitted. Big One exhausts cheap and cheerful, Gianelli gets a good report from Scrim but pictures in ebay ads misleading so check part nos on the net.
    Romeu gets my vote, tail pipe is cool!

  • thanks for feedback and ye I hear bad things about the dep for rott so no dep for me

  • I had a DEP and adored the performance. My rust issues were no where near as bad as others have claimed. But I was tenacious about cleaning it, and rust spots did occur. So it's that that was frustrating.

    I had a stock gutted pipe, and the DEP was vastly superior. But the stock gutted pipes quality is insane.

    I have an underslung romeu, 0.8mm steel. It was slightly thinner than what he is using now.

    I haven't used it anger to tell you what the performance is like, I'd assume it would be a lot better than the DEP purely because it was underslung.

    But it's stainless steel so less prone to rust.

  • thanks, @Calum some people do swear by the performance but I'm not looking for something that's gonna rott I ride in all weather all year round so deps no good to me the price, not an issue I want quality

  • @terry-tz You can't beat a stock gutted for quality mate.

  • and I'm not wanting underslung either as this bike when I have another will be going offroad

  • I do agree stock is normally quality but I would like one for a bit better performance and who don't like a shiny new pipe

  • @terry-tz Yeah I know, I was just saying I can vouch for his work in person. But can't comment on the performance or longevity. Had it some 5 years...only used it to drive a brand new engine to the lock up. So I really can't comment how well it holds up.

    If the stock has been derestricted properly then it'll make good power.

    You could invest money having it derestricted and have a good quality pipe.

    My only gripe with the stock pipe is that, quality comes at a price. The thing weighs a TON!

  • @calum I would have to buy a pipe anyways mines knackered

  • @terry-tz you could do what I done and paint the exhaust black no rust tgen my big one was almost trash but I sanded and painted and it’s like new

  • @declan could do but I'm a sucker for shiny pipes

  • @declan Yeah, there was a chap on the old forum who bought a brand new dep and just had it painted straight away.

    At the time I didn't understand, but I get it now.

    I think, the deps performance, weight were cracking. The fact I had to constantly clean it to stop rust was annoying.

    But as Declan says, have it painted for protection, then you'd be winning.

  • Another plus for stock pipe is it fits exactly, had to alter the angle on one of the brackets on the Romue pipe and the socket fit of tail pipe to expansion chamber excessively tight, had to get the Dremel out and grind both so that tail pipe aligned with end mounting bracket. Not major just an annoyance, whereas stock pipe straight on. Refinished the stock one on my 88 and that looks OK, but is weighty as Calum says. Not fitted a Dep yet, only using as came with bike, my money would still go on Romeu or gutted stock

  • @declan could you give me some feedback on the chain and sprocket kit you got

  • @calum I really thought I’d hate it black because like @terry-tz I love chrome pipes but I’ve had nothing but compliments and I love it my self.

  • @terry-tz yeah I got you sorry having a bit of a drink

  • so guys how much Romeu Henriques gonna set me back I don't think I seen a better option

  • I heard the ped moto exhaust is meant to be decent

  • @vtrn_raptor I'm set on getting the Romeu Henriques know got it in my listing ready with a few other bits

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