• hi all just came over from the other dt forum, how come every 1 is jibbing it

  • Yes mate welcome!

    This forum is a little bit more active than the old one.

  • It died unfortunately 😕

  • Basically a few years ago a member was scammed a couple hundred quid.

    Shortly after this scammer thought he could get more money out of other members. Seiki made the decision to lock the forum down and manually accept users.

    Seiki was reluctant to update the forum, and wasn't particularly interested in solving the problem.

    It was discussed amongst the current moderators of the old forum that we would solve the problem by creating a new forum. This went on for about a year before I decided to do it myself.

    I now host the forum on a Raspberry Pi I have at home.

    The size of our members was never big, and the Pi seems capable of handling a few clients.

    However I don't have a Static IP address and I do work. So there may be periods where the forum is inaccessible.

    But what we've gained from having a new forum outweighs the losses.

    It doesn't cost anyone a penny to host. I am technology fluent and have perfect control over the box.

    If the site does undogo a similar attack, I'd like think I can do something about it.

    Ever since the scammer, the forum has never been the same.

  • @Calum

    well its a nice looking forum u have done a little hard to navigate but sure I can get used to it ,keep up the good work , and a bit of luck il soon have a dt just other things getting in the way

  • I must admit it took me a little while to get used to.

    But this new forum comes with a mobile friendly version. Instant messaging chat. Really good metrics. And ultimately an admin who understands the technology.

  • I'm guessing the scammer was paid on PayPal, and PayPal guarantee your money back 😉

  • Remember AndyYam?

    It wasn't as simple as that. He got it back but it took ages.

    Went through small claims court.