• Which way round should the right crank seal be fitted? Haynes mentions the seal is marked 'outside' which should face towards the primary drive. But this being a patern seal from pjme isn't marked that way.

    alt text

    alt text

  • They look reversible to me bud.

    Usually it's the part with the writing on that should face the clutch. I.e. you should be able to see it from the clutch side.

    But seeing as there is writing on both sides, and the seal looks identical, I guess it's reversible. This is unusual since the genuine ones are not.

  • Its probably impossible to tell from the pics but there is a slight difference between the lips of the seal.

    alt text

    Didn't know if anyone had a rebuild pic showing the standard seal in position I could compare mine to :confused_face:

  • Oh right. Yeah mate. That metal ring faces the crank shaft.

    So you shouldn't see that from the clutch side.

  • There's a spring/metal ring both sides of the seal.

  • @dtr-nsr That's really odd.

    As said then, I guess it is just reversible.