• Hya all..
    I'm looking for the above, for 2 reasons:
    I have to squeeze my bike through 2 gates and a brick alley between 2 houses and the originals are the first things to touch..and they look nice and neat. I've already trimmed the bars down too. I'm guessing that the perches are the same as the dtr? Any experiences or info very welcome.😊.

  • As far as I knew the TDR ran different brakes, so potentially different master cylinders. I did a master cylinder swap and then ran ASV Shorty levers which worked a treat.

  • Calum is right the TDR and DTR have different front master cylinders. Your best bet would be to get something off ebay like a yzfr125 front brake which will enable you to have cnc shortys 😁

  • I use the cheap ebay cnc shortys on all my bikes. My dt125, wr250r, xt550 and xt600 all have the same type levers. Some slightly modified.
    So if its about the same type/shape, it should fit.