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  • morning/afteroon/evening people,just joined up today,been getting myself a canny little dt125 re on a 54 plate,not a minter but not bad,when the weather gets better it will get the regulation strip down,polish,daffying up etc..must say mind,its seems pretty nippy for a 125 trail bike(i have had a few crossers and the odd kmx etc over many many years..hoping to do a little green laning soon..another mid life crisis..hahaha..anyway,just saying hello from sunderland..will add some photos soon as poss and you can tell me what you think..cheers

  • @bonus welcome mate

  • cheers mate,had loads of bikes over the years but been without for a canny while now,going in for me test this year after a very long time haha..last bike was a 91 kx250 rebuild,took me ages to get it spot on,rode it for 25 mins then sold it!

  • @bonus I love the 90s era kxs I really don’t like any of the 2000s they really lost their touch imo

  • @bonus what plans do you have for the dt Athena 170?

  • @bonus Hi bud, it's not a bad bike. Really easy to derestrict that model to make it full power.

    But full power is still not a lot, they're quicker than KMX's mind you.

    I wouldn't bother with the Athena personally, for the money could get the DTRE setup just as well and have better rideability.

    Since you've had a whole host of bikes, I get the feeling outright performance is not something you're looking for. Instead just enjoy having a nice trail bike.

    My advice to you is to ensure it is always well locked up, unfortunately these bikes are rife for theft 😞

    Welcome to the club 😄

  • @calum from what I've seen the average Dt is in the same price class as the newer wr125's and yzf's in Britain. That correct?

  • @irongamer727 I can't say, I never looked at the price of those bikes. I guess so. You can get a nice DTR for around £1600 mark.

  • hiya lads,thanks for the replies,been busy doin some d.i.y. stuff for me mates ex missus(nowt dodgy)..the bikes aready got a full dep pipe but one of the brackets isnt quite so i think it may be off an earlier model,will have a good look once i tear it down,its still a smile a minute little thing mind and i cant wait to get it fully sorted and get rid of messy bits etc,the kid i bought it off was a nice lad but not a clue with regards to maintainance etc so i want to have a good poke about inside it to make sure its sweet(he was waffling on about it doing the clock and that!).mot history seems fine an loads of receipts etc..gave hime 13 for the bike which i thought was fair for a decent ish bike with 11 months mot etc,,all i have done so far is clag on some l.e.d indicators which he gave me.had to chuck in some resistors courtesy off ebay but work fine now..onwards and upwards..defo heading towards a smaller front sprocket for easy front end lift due to it not being a road machine really(but keeping it road legal)

  • @irongamer727
    hi mate.fro what i was looking at wr's seemed to fetch a bit more really..not sure i like that skinny look to be honest.and a 125 four stroke is never gone abe a bag of laughs

  • @calum
    just want to get the best out of it possible mate..whatever that entails is what will happen,i love tinkering about an that and theres nowt that cant be done!!not sure about the 170 kit yet..if one comes up i might grab it but not actually looking,i want it mainly for legal offraod till i sucumb to the ,an an do me test..then theres big stuff!..will still keep the dt i think boy is nearly 15 and what a way to start!

  • @irongamer727
    preety sure a decent wr will cost you more than dt cheif,than again it all depends on condtion,life its had etc,both are a nightmare to keep the fn theives away from though...i wont go into what i would do to them

  • @bonus let’s not lol 🤫 mine is also used for off-road I’m looking into dropping a front tooth

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