Selling my dt125re Stefan everts mint condition

  • Hi all, I’m thinking of selling my absolutely mint condition dt125re Stefan everts. Only 4500 miles on it. I love the bike but if I’m honest it’s too clean and rare for what I want to be doing and would be a shame to ruin it. My plan was to do minimal road riding and as much off road as possible but i just down want to wreck it. I’ll part with this and get something a bit more rough and ready. I will upload some pics tonight of it. It has a full dep without a mark on it and Iv tidied the tail up but other than that it’s totally standard. I also have the original exhaust in mint condition and bits off the back to put back to totally standard. I’m looking for £3000 ono does that sound about right to u lot? Anyone interested give me a shout I’d rather it go to someone on here than a tool that’s guna abuse it. Cheers Gaz

  • Nice mate, I doubt you'll get £3k for it if I'm totally honest with you. I doubt an RE will ever go for that much, a DTR with 200 miles on it. £2200 is probably about right.

    But I would advertise however you see fit, you might find a collector who would have it, but the RE's are less desirable.

    Whatever you sell it for, you should be able to get a really nice bike though!

  • Agree with Calum, although would like to see pictures! Love pics of bikes🤗

  • Ok Calum cheers for the info, how come and re is worth less money? I would like it to go to someone on here so if anyone fancies it make me a decent offer, it’s sitting in my garage cuz I don’t wana ruin it so it’s a shame. I’ll get the pics sorted as soon as I get in.
    Cheers again

  • Besides the fact that they're an inferior build quality (from 2000 they stopped building DTR's in Japan and opted to build them in Spain), they don't have that "classic" look. They had a short production cycle. They aren't kickstart, they don't have a rev gauge, they're slower.

    To be clear, I love my RE, always have always will. I think the RE is a superb bike. But just in general, collectors aren't interested in the RE.

  • @calum in what way slower? Are we talking fully derestricted?

  • @irongamer727 No, we're talking out the factory.

    Although derestricted the maps on the later RE's are much less aggressive than the earlier models.

    But that's besides the point, once you've got an aftermarket ECU, decent exhaust, intake and fueling system then any DTR is going to quick. You have to just take it for how they were out the factory.

    And a collector isn't going to want to modify one, they're going to want it in factory form.

  • @calum allright. Nothing to worry about then

  • @irongamer727 He may get 3k, it's worth what ever someone is willing to pay and I haven't looked at the prices of DTRE's for years. I just suspect it's a little high for a market that hasn't matured enough for collectors. I suspect in years to come, the Stefan Everts model will rise, I just don't think we're there yet.

    To put it another way, a forty year old DT can be had for £3k mint and £1k project. They are now considered "collectors", but even for a collectors market that's cheap...

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Think you may need to resize your pics and wait until finished uploading before posting. Bog file sizes don't work

  • Sorry I’m shit at stuff like this, have no idea how to resize the photos

  • Just wait for the upload to finish. You can see the upload progress from the link. You know when its done as the image will embed itself into the psge.

  • 0_1519653375858_2D6DB170-BA8E-4EA2-92F2-9AF1B52C8C07.jpeg 0_1519653363568_C3556543-9FD7-4F94-938C-6A001A8CF505.jpeg 0_1519653348018_4B603CB6-3B67-49EA-AB83-03299307A1C5.jpeg 0_1519653336540_44495AF4-28C2-4A81-9FCC-175BE3A32F9F.jpeg 0_1519653316341_FED3B070-EB29-40FD-B15D-F3D71687122D.jpeg 0_1519653304618_2588DB5E-1F3C-413D-88E7-BEA152987775.jpeg 0_1519653290951_C5E432C0-D5B3-4EDA-B0D4-48885A8193C8.jpeg 0_1519653268880_053D252E-5ED5-4D85-9879-FFA32F803766.jpeg

  • Yeah that's lovely that. As Danny pointed out to me, lots of bikes on for this price range, I'd have a punt at advertising it on eBay or something.

  • Ok cheers Calum, what do u recon a fair price is for this then?

  • I wouldn't like to say, I haven't been in the market for DT's for years.

    Personally, I couldn't justify paying 3k for a DT, but that's me.

  • Anyone else have any ideas what it’s worth. I just don’t want to let it go too cheap but also I can’t see another one of them for sale anywhere so don’t know what to ask for it. Is it just in the same price group as all the other dt’s or is it worth anymore because of it being the limited edition? Or is that not as rare as I thought?

  • Honestly I don't reckon it would sell for over 2k, don't take that as me being rude, it's a beautiful bike. The problem is it's a Dt, they're no advanced machine in any aspect, look at what other bikes are around for that price? Dt prices are abit crazy right now and I don't think I've seen any sell for over 2 grand, even for very clean "r" models.
    Lovely bike though mate, a lot cleaner than mine 😊

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