dragging clutch.

  • my bikes clutch has been dragging for some time now and i thought it was time to have a look at what caused it. i am not to sure and have measured my plates, friction plates and springs and all seem to be fine besides the spring which is out of its service limit. however the clutch basket has me asking some questions and I would want your opinion on the possible causes. the clutch basket also has some interesting scratches on the outside any ideas?
    If you guys think that the basket is not the problem i suspect the plates have had the wrong oil in by previous owners

  • Scratches on the outside shouldn't be an issue. However the notches on the inside of the fingers will cause a notchy clutch action and potentially drag.

    You could sand them back smooth and see what happens, I did it recently on one of my other bikes and it's made the clutch buttery smooth

  • @finnerz89 Well spotted. Yeah I've seen scratches on clutch baskets not really being an issue.

  • Agree with Finner, thoose marks on the egde on the clutbasket needs to be filed down.

    That will give the basket some fresh life.

  • Took it into my college to ask my tutor what he thinks. (he builds race bikes) he said it looks fine and I could file it down very lightly. he also said the scratches on the outside were fine.

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