• Hello fellas,
    I'm Minia. I'm a comfortable enduro rider who first learned to ride a bike at the age of 4, since then all my bikes have been yamahas (pw50, pw80, rt100, dt125r) and I've just recently acquired my first road-legal bike which just happens to be a dt125r from 2001 with just under 24,000km (14,912miles) on it. I'll be passing my A1 license soon so I thought it was the right time to buy. For now the bike is actually in France but I plan to ride it there for the summer then import it back to the UK at some point.

    Anyways, pleased to meet you!


  • Hello Welcome!

    That's a tidy unmolested DTR There.

    Wow that's certainly keen! Not sure I'd want to do more than 40 miles on my DTR lol.

    It's certainly a good bike.

    Have you any plans for it?

    A lot of us guys on here didn't keep these bikes standard for long!

  • Welcome @Minia! Very nice bike you have there. How are you finding your DTR so far? I also grew up riding some of those bikes you had to in fact me and my brother went from the Yamaha RT 100 onto our first DTR and unfortunately the bike ended up wrapped around a tree lol 😀 . Look forward to seeing you about the forum.

  • @Calum Yes, it certainly is a tidy bike. But I certainly don't plan to ride it to the UK, I'll most likely get a friend with a van once my summer is over in France. There is a family home there in the country, perfect for enduro trails. I currently plan on changing the tyres since they're road tyres, and as for modifications I like original stock best. But I wouldn't mind 2 or 3 new additions XP

    @Biker_123 I only had time to ride it for a few days but when I did I certainly didn't feel anything wrong with it, always started on the 1st or 2nd kick. Engine was very smooth and so was the gearbox, it stayed in a garage and had been taken care of for several years by a very nice lady.

    RT100 was a good bike, kept mine for a good 4-5 years before I grew too big for it. Mine hadn't been cared too well by its previous owner . When I picked it up it the guy said it hadn't run for several months. First time riding it the bike wouldn't stop losing power so we took it apart, found mud and dirt everywhere in the fuel tank, lines and in the carb. Spent a good day and a half cleaning it but after it ran well. Sticking it in neutral was always a challenge though, in fact most the time I didn't bother trying to get it in neutral. Either way, I don't regret having bought it as I had some good years on it 😉

  • @Minia That is a lovely bike, great to see!