DT R/WR Super Moto Project

  • Hello guys, I need some info about something I had in mind for my upcoming project. I want to convert my DT R into a super moto, as the title says! But I am going to fit a 3XP engine on a 125cc frame. So.. I was kinda wondering if it's possible to use forks, wheels, etc, etc similar to those of a KTM 690 SMC or equivalent, so that I'll have the option to upgrade my brakes and suspensions too. My main interest is to make it a super moto that is 'torquey", but absolutely safe on the same time. So the question is.. is something like that possible, or just a stupid idea. If anyone can help, I would be grateful!

  • Do you mean is it possible to fit some crazy super moto wheels off a totally different bike, with forks from another totally random bike...

    alt text

    Yeah, I'd say so.

  • @calum I found a KTM 640 LC4 with damaged engine, but the rest is in good condition. So what I'm asking is, if I took the entire front and rear system from the KTM, would I be able to mount them on the DT even with a patent, or nah?

  • @p3ydark And my photo suggests you can do what ever you want.

    Don't be fooled into thinking it's a straight swap, as the chances of the stars aligning are very unlikely.

    Firstly, you need to centralise the wheel between the forks. Then you need to centralise the rear wheel between the swingarm. Then you need to centralise the front and rear wheel.

    Then you need to align the front and rear sprockets.

    Also the DT uses push bike bearings in the head stock, KTM likely use Taper Roller bearings that simply won't fit.

    Anything is possible, with the will power and fabriaction. My forks are off a WR400 and wheels off an Aprilia RS 125, but a lot of custom fabrication went into it to get it that way.

  • @calum Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate! I suppose the way I expressed myself wasn't the best to describe what I wanted! Your photo of course showed me that it is possible, also I referred to the KTM as an example to give you an idea of what sizes I'm looking for (not specifically KTM's)! Do you possibly have any suggestions on what other bikes with similar size should I check, so I could do it a little bit easier?

  • @p3ydark DTX is about the only straight forwardish swap I know of bud.

    It's isn't difficult. I wrote a tutorial on here that you can read about what's involved.

  • The WR 426 fork swap I done wasnt too bad, itd be even easier using a WR 426 wheel or hub aswell, also if you got SM rims laced to a WR 426 front hub you could use standard WR axle, caliper and just buy a 320mm caliper adapter to suit the full size SM disc. I was too cheap for this so made my own axle and caliper bracket to run standard DTX wheel, speedo drive and get the 426 caliper to work on the 300mm DTX disc haha.

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