• Seems that time of year where the lowlife creep out from under their rocks is here. Had an unsuccessful attempt to gain entry to my garage, without going in to too much detail the barrel of the first lock has been snapped out, fortunately lock still would not open without key. Would have been pointless anyway as multiple locking on garage door. Always careful and never have door open when I am working and never leave bikes outside in plain view, wary of anyone following me home also.
    On a positive note had a decent ride this evening covering over 50 miles on mainly country roads and along the seafront with friends. Garage door is now securely fixed and will be looking to install electric roller door asap.
    Take care

  • Was that a euro lock by any chance?

  • Are they electric roller doors better?

    Scumbags mate. Almost to the extent that I don't really want to be putting photos of projects and bikes on here to be honest.

  • It was not a eurolock or padlock, just the first line of defence and it did it's job, even broken could not be opened without key. Getting to feel the same way Calum, but trying to believe was a random event rather than a targeted attack. I live in a relatively good area (whatever that is these days) and am overly aware of threat posed by scumbag looking to steal my belongings and have taken every measure to ensure I have done as much as possible to stop them. Looking at commercial grade roller door and can at least disable power so it won't open under any instance, saw one earlier this year at a property near a friend and looked strong bar driving a vehicle at it. Have been considering for a while mainly for the convenience side but seems my hand is being forced. The door I have is not weak by any means and has been reinforced, but just looks like a standard (ish) from outside maybe inviting attack.
    Sadly I will be keeping a lid on my projects in the future which is a shame as I enjoy sharing my highs and lows, let's hope I am proved right and it was just a random event. Will be checking with neighbours as it's a bit "twitchy net curtains" round here and 2 retired cops close enough.
    Anyway, enough said, had a good ride today and going shopping tomorrow for a mountain lion to shackle to my garage floor.

  • Also, just to be clear, I don't believe anyone on this forum would be inclined to use information posted for criminal ends, I hope that we all share a passion for these bikes and enjoy sharing information if it helps someone else out.
    Unfortunately there are people online that take advantage where they can.
    I am sure I could not have completed what I have without the valuable input of many people on here, for which I am massively grateful and I will continue to share what I have learnt if I can.

  • @oldman I would hope that this is a random event I have many dogs guarding my bikes to the point where I can leave them on the garden or in unlocked sheds and not worry might not be practical for you but I’ve found the only way to stop them even attempting is a good dog and trust me I don’t live in a nice area one of the worst actually

  • absolute pondlife mate.dregs of the earth,been loads of off road bikes swiped round about my area,unfortunately it seems the only secure way is to chain your bike to a shotgun wielding crocodile(or sleep on your bike)

  • I had a couple of bikes stolen in the past with what i thought was secure in a locked garage. Where i live now have to keep my DT in the back garden, not only thousands spent on it is all the hours spent making it how i want it. So have 3 x 16mm hardened chains through 3 different ground anchors and best paddlocks could get. Thatcham approved disc lock as well as a Datatool Alarm with infra red cctv. And just to make sure it's fitted with an Automatrics MTrack 24 hour monitored tracker which is the best tracker out there.
    So feel quite safe for my little DT, spent lots on security but only need to buy once and will do for years and for many bikes. only cost now is £129 a year for the tracker monitoring. So feel safe from thieving scumbags as i can be, even if anyone enters garden my cctv alerts me so be amazed if precious DT ever was stolen.

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