Advice buying a 2006 DT125R

  • I'll start with I am a complete novice when it comes to bikes so looking for some advise on what to check when buying my first DT.

    A guy I've known a long time has had this bike since new and hasn't been used for near 10 years.

    Its a 2006 thats covered just over 4k miles, he said it will need new chain, sprocket set & tyres.

    As you can see there is rust rust around a lot of the fuel tank and I'm not sure if this will need repairing/replacing?

    I will get someone who knows there way around a bike to check it over for before buying





  • @mcmuffin paint all plastics and tank (possibly frame) and you have one SWEET Dt.

  • Restore it to original, it's a LTD edition Everts replica. Nice bike btw 😎

  • Shame about that tank, since getting those graphics are going to be hard.

    I shouldn't worry about that rust too much, it's only surface.

    These bikes are built like tanks, and one with such low mileage doesn't mean much. Speedos can be easily disconnected.

    Don't pay a premium for low mileage clocks if the bike is battered.

    Go on .gov site and check the MOT history. That'll give you a clue as to what to keep an eye out for when viewing.

    But other than that, lovely bike can't go too wrong!

  • Doesn't look bad, tank is going to need some repairs though. Won't need replacing judging from the photos. Your tyres are probably pretty hard so I would replace them, I'd just give it a general look over. Controls, suspension, carburetor cleaned up etc. An oil change would probably do it some good as well.

  • When a 2 stroke is left to stand for a while the carb will be gummed up. As someone mentioned, oil change, new 2T oil, new filter, plug and change coolant. Make sure all old petrol is drained and new is put back in. Ride is slow for a 10mins using brakes and clutch etc to break them in again, once your happy all is ok, take it for a good blast, get all tha shit out the exhaust. If it's abit doggy on accelerating, a full carb clean is required. Good luck✊🏻💨

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